Young Boy Shuts Down Muslim Bully At School With 6 Words That Will Make You PROUD

I may be way off base here, but here goes…

The kowtowing to Muslims and all Muslim culture just in the name of tolerance is ridiculous and it seems as though the youth of the world are starting to wise up.

This story will make you either furious (Liberals) or ecstatic (normal people). Of course, we’re applauding this brave young man.

As the Muslim invasion of Europe continues, Muslims are being accepted more and more into main stream society. This includes schools. Muslim children get the opportunity to attend schools on the country’s dime, of course, and are injected into the curriculum without a second thought from the powers that be. Due to the skewed world view from these people, they are afraid to look racist so they just allow them to come in an attend.

This then disrupts the children who deserve to be there and, as we’re not learning, frightens kids as the Muslims children come in and bully everyone else for 1) not being Muslim or 2) not worshiping Allah. It’s happening more and more and it’s legitimately scary. But now, some youths are fighting back and we couldn’t be happier.

From Mad World News:

When a 7-year-old student at a Catholic school was being harassed by a much stronger Muslim classmate because of his opposing beliefs, the little boy could’ve easily avoided the persecution that was to come. However, instead of cowering in fear like most leftist politicians, the child showed the world how to stand their ground against Islamic intolerance.

La Capitale reports that a 7-year-old boy known only as Nazim found courage when facing a Muslim bully, who the staff admits has a violent record, on the elementary school’s playground in Brussels. One week earlier, the child was confronted by the Muslim classmate about his personal faith, prompting Nazim to make a choice to either risk invoking the wrath of the aggressive Muslim student by staying true to his beliefs or submitting to Islam’s superiority for a chance at temporary self-preservation.

Nazim looked the boy in the eyes and boldly said, “I do not believe in Allah.” Of course, simply declaring his disbelief in Islam’s god was enough to summon the intolerant Muslim student’s rage. Nazim was brutally beaten on the playground, getting his first experience of Islamic supremacy at such a tender age.

One might take this as bad news as the child named Nazim was brutally beaten up. We’ve all been there and gotten our butts kicked in grade school, but Nazim is far braver than any of us at that age. He took a stand against a bully for persecuting him for his religious beliefs.

They say that Islam is the religion of peace. If that was the case, 7 year olds wouldn’t be making fun of Christians for their faith. Don’t be fooled by the Islamic lie!

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