You’ll Never Guess What Obama Just WASTED $700 Million Of OUR MONEY On! He’s LOST His MIND!

Oh Obama, you just cannot win. And for good reason too. You’re an idiot.

In Obama’s infinite wisdom to try and “help” America, if we can even consider that is a thing anymore, he’s gone and spent a ton of money yet again.

This time, it’s on a radioactive waste treatment plant. In retrospect, this is something we do need since radioactive waste is something that is a byproduct of nuclear power facilities. Well it seems that Obama and his administration botched yet another idea to help America.

The plant doesn’t even work and it will cost $700 million to construct. Oh, and it’s years behind schedule.


The Department of Energy spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on a radioactive waste treatment plant that ended up breaking down because federal officials didn’t bother to properly test the facility before construction was completed, according to a recent audit.

Federal auditors learned DOE officials likely rushed the building of the waste treatment plant because of political pressure from Congress to come in under budget. Poor management, however, means the project could cost more than $700 million and is more than 4 years behind schedule.

“Specifically, we found that the Department postponed rigorous, comprehensive performance testing; an activity intended to demonstrate the facility’s capability to function as intended and meet mission need, until after construction was declared complete,” reads a recent report by the DOE’s inspector general.

“However, by postponing the comprehensive performance test, the Department failed to perform a rigorous test of the functionality of the facility before construction was declared complete,” according to the IG’s report. “Had the testing been performed prior to declaring the project complete, the Department may have identified the flaws in the original design and corrected them under the discipline of its project management process.”

Way to go Obama. Instead of doing this right, or even using the money for something better like reforming the VA, you’ve wasted our tax dollars yet again. 19 Trillion in debt and this guy still hasn’t been impeached. Unreal.

If you wanna see how efficient private business can be, look no further than Trump explaining how he saved an ice skating rink from the government:

(Source: The Daily Caller)