World’s Dumbest Congresswoman Is Forced To Admit She’s Full Of Crap, On Live TV. Where’s My Popcorn?

California Representative Maxine Waters is being called “one of the President’s most vocal critics” which is really saying something, considering how loudly the left has protested President Trump. However, this is a title she holds with pride, and she’s made her opinions known to every single person who will listen to her.

From day one, she’s had absolutely no respect for the highest office in the land and she has wanted President Trump to be forcibly removed from office. She would never be outspoken about it, but she has alerted her social media followers, as with this tweet in all its subtle glory:

And in case you forgot, this is an earlier tweet where she’s also fondly hoping for a day when we oust our current Commander in Chief:

Now though, it looks like she might be flinching a little when asked to account for the accusations she’s leveled and the promises she’s made.

First, I’d like to point out that she’s actually denying the tweet that was read at the top of that segment. Is she finally hearing how insane she sounds, or does she still believe it and just realize how irrelevant it’s making her?

Secondly, I’d like to be the first to notify you of the subtle shift that interviews of waters are taking. This is a California Democrat, a woman who proudly hails from the left coast, where money is plentiful, and good sense is not. In the past, she has always been lauded as someone with backbone who’s finally trying to stick it to “the man” (and by “the man” we obviously mean “the President”). At this point though, it’s seeming like she might just be too crazy, even for the mainstream media, which is saying something.

Well, it’s about time. The woman is straight up loony with delusions of grandeur and yet, up until her most recent faux pas, the liberals have been fawning all over here, even calling for her to run in the next election. I guess if they want to run another crazy lady, that’s their business, but as for us and our house, we plan to run in the other direction.

(H/T: The Blaze)