Woman Who Accused Clinton Of Rape Just Put Monica Lewinsky In Her Place With 4 Simple Words

While the media’s been carefully covering the unfolding Harvey Weinstein scandal, there’s a suspicious silence coming from many leftists that usually condemn attacks on women. The reason being is that they were well aware of Weinstein’s predatory behavior and the litany of others like him within their ranks. So they’d rather keep their mouths shut than risk being asked why aren’t they speaking out about others.

Not only that, the liberals that actually are speaking out are simultaneously turning a blind eye to the crimes of other members of their tribe, specifically folks like Roman Polanski, and the biggie, Bill Clinton.

Over the years, Bill’s been accused of rape and sexual harassment by a ton of women, yet for some reason, the “listen and believe” Left has never given his accusers the time of day. Instead, they’ve actively worked to destroy them alongside Madame Hillary. Even so, there are those that have withstood years of attacks, and in light of Weinstein’s actions, are asking why the silence.

As reported at the Daily Mail, Juanita Broaddrick, a woman that says Bill Clinton raped her in the 1970s, has targeted another Clinton victim in the wake of the Weinstein scandal.

The infamous Monica Lewinsky took part in the Twitter campaign this week, where women claiming to be victims of sexual assault or harassment attached #MeToo to the end of their tweets. Obviously, Lewinsky amended the statement to one of her tweets, much to the dismay of Broaddrick.

On Thursday, Broaddrick lambasted Lewinsky for taking part in this little Twitter campaign but not coming to her defense when she first came forward about Clinton raping her in the 1990s.

Better late than never Monica Lewinsky’s ME TOO. I have always felt sad for you, but where were you when we needed you?” Broaddrick tweeted. “Your silence was deafening in the 90’s when Kathleen, Paula and I needed your voice.”

She was referring to Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones who have also accused Clinton of sexual assault or harassment. Broaddrick has long accused Clinton of forcing himself on her in a Little Rock hotel room while he was campaigning to be the governor of Arkansas.

Clinton’s lawyers have called her claim “categorically false” over the years.

Willey claims she was sexually assaulted by Clinton back in 1993 while she was a White House volunteer, while Jones claims he exposed himself to her in a Little Rock hotel in 1991 when he was governor.

Funny how no one gives Bill’s accusers the benefit of the doubt, but we’re supposed to take every #MeToo hashtag story as Gospel truth, lest we are accused of misogyny and perpetuating rape culture. The only reason leftists have brought out the knives for Weinstein is because they couldn’t keep a lid on his crimes. They were too horrid and numerous, so they’re having to martyr him. But understand that there are many more folks like Weinstein in Hollywood and among the Left, they just haven’t been exposed yet.

Source: Daily Mail