Why Trump-Hating Liberals Dedicated July 4th To Malia Obama

The fourth of July is perhaps America’s greatest holiday. 19 sacred years ago Malia Obama was born.

Yes, you read that correctly. Liberals are so disgruntled, or as they would say “woke,” that it’s now trendy to reject celebrating the birth of America and instead dedicate July 4 to Malia.

Malia’s probably a great girl. But she’s not a hero. She’s not a revolutionary. Her entire claim to fame is her status as somebody’s daughter. It’s unbelievably unpatriotic to claim that the birth of a politician’s child can in anyway compare to the moment when our country was founded.

But that’s what activism is now for the left. A slew of angry, half-hearted memes shared on social media peppered with “biting” commentary. The poor souls who boasted about celebrating Malia’s birthday in lieu of a more traditional fourth of July actually seemed to feel like they were making a point.

How laughable.

“These fifty-six men did not sit around the private confines of a collegiate institution petting puppies and drawing with crayons. Instead, they left their homes under threat of capture and imminent execution, deliberated on the Laws of Nature and rights of man, drafted a crowning achievement in international law, signed it, and gave a newly-founded nation hope for freedom. It took men of remarkable bravery, principle, and character to muster that type of courage in the face of tyranny,” the Daily Wire’s Elliott Hamilton wrote regarding the founding fathers.

Political change takes courage. The left seems content with complaining about “the man” from the comfort of their couches. Sure, they might attend a protest or two, but only if the weather’s nice and there are lots of cameramen.

Celebrate Malia’s birthday. It’s no weirder than fans behavior towards other celebrities. But don’t think that you’re some sort of revolutionary. You’re not cool because you’re an American who won’t honor the fourth the July.

(Source: Daily Wire)