Why Do Transgenders Hate Caitlyn Jenner Now? Oh…That’s Why.

Poor Caitlyn Jenner. Her shameless publicity stunt/ gender transition hasn’t won her any friends. Conservatives despise her, liberals don’t trust her, and the LGBTQ community rejects her.

Prominent transgender activist Ashlee Marie publicly lambasted Jenner over the weekend. The self-described “diva” cornered the famous star and attacked her political views. Apparently, being a pro-Trump LGBTQ activist is an oxymoron.

“You’re a fucking fraud,” Preston spits out. “It’s really fucked up that you continue to support somebody… that does everything with the military, that’s erasing our fucking community. And you support it.”

Watch below:

Two grown men dressed as women squabbling about who’s the fraud is certainly weird, but Preston has a point. Jenner seems to have imbibed the family greed. Like her Kardashian relatives, Jenner’s actions seem to be motivated primarily an avaricious lust for fame and riches.

“Caitlyn Jenner is a text book case on cognitive dissonance and her vote against her own supposed interests made that evident,” Preston said. “She owes the community an apology; giving us the change from her bra is like putting a band-aid over a bullet wound. Her commentary and actions have carried real consequences for the transgender community; people who aren’t afforded the same protections and privilege as she has.”

The transgender community is at war with Trump. The recent decision to curtail transgender military recruits has triggered a strong reaction. Regardless of your opinion about the merits of Trump’s LGBTQ policy, it does seem like Jenner is straddling the line. Does she support the free-wheeling, wild views espoused by her transgender counterparts or the more sedate, reasonable views promoted by the president?

Jenner has yet to comment on the controversy.

(Source: Huffington Post)