Why Do Liberals In California Want Maxine Waters Gone? And Why Can’t I Stop Laughing?

Well, folks, the clouds have parted, angels are singing and California has finally found someone that’s too liberal for them. It seems the alt-left “Auntie Maxine” may have gone too far left for even her LA adjacent district. Waters has become notable since President Trump was elected because of her outspoken ideas like “impeach 45” and slamming everyone in the Trump administration as having “Kremlin connections”

Via The Blaze:

But the liberal darling known as “Auntie Maxine” received a dose of her own impeachment medicine over the weekend after signs calling for her impeachment appeared in the Los Angeles area, where her congressional district is located.

The signs appeared outside a town hall in the Inglewood neighborhood, according to KCBS-TV, which described the signs as “unflattering and racist.”

Some of the signs mocked Waters while others stated facts about the political positions she holds.

One sign read in big letters, “IMPEACH MAXINE WATERS,” while noting that she’s a “race baiter,” “old & out of touch” and a “poverty pimp.”

Here are their signs and benches in all of their almost-conservative glory:

Now that, I could get behind.

So true. Nothing more unconstitutional than somebody having more ice cream than me. Just ask any toddler, they’ll tell you. It should probably be added to the constitution. You know, life, liberty, and the pursuit of equal ice cream scoops.

That last one is my personal favorite because it’s referring to the fact that Waters doesn’t even live in the district that she’s supposed to be representing. Fun little hypocrisy from the woman who is supposed to be the advocate for the little man and the underprivileged. Seems like that would be easier if you actually lived around them, but I guess that’s none if my business. It is, however, her consultancy’s business, and they seem to be getting to it.

I can’t say if she will pull some sort of underhanded deal and get herself reelected again, but considering she’s spent the better part of 3 decades in office, living off of the taxpayer’s dime, she might have really painted herself into a corner with all this loud mouth objecting. She probably could have lived out her days as the beloved Auntie Maxine, claiming to be a millennial and flying under the radar. But now that she’s in the public eye, everyone is seeing her for the crazy geriatric that she is. Here’s hoping someone finally puts a stop to her crooked representation.

(Source: The Blaze)