Why Didn’t The Media Report That The University Of Texas Stabber Wanted White Genocide? Gee, I Wonder…

In case you missed it yesterday, there was a stabbing at the University of Texas at Austin. The vicious attack left one dead and three injured. This is yet another machete rampage and it’s becoming an all too familiar story.

This time it draws some similarities to previous attacks, but with one twist. Most past attacks like this were to inflict major damage as quickly as possible. However, this attack seems to the the work of racism at it’s core.

Obama’s America became divided the moment Obama chose the side opposing police in the Trayvon Martin case and that action essentially gave thugs and criminals “presidential approval” to do whatever they want. This attack is a continuation of that belief system as the attacker, Kendrex White, is a supporter of white genocide.

This video is a re-enactment by White was made in 2012 and showed the execution of whites. It was an homage to Dutty Boukmann an early revolutionary leader who plotted the mass executions of Haitian whites in the 1790s.

There is no motive yet for the murder and other stabbings that White committed, but early evidence suggests he was targeting people wearing fraternity Greek letters. Fraternities, apparently, have been accused recently by the left and liberals of furthering white supremacy and enabling rape.

Because of the groundwork Obama laid and our divider-in-chief, psychopaths like this were given legitimacy to attack anyone they please. It’s no wonder that Obama had the most school and mass shootings under his watch. He didn’t care, he let things happen, and he let this type of behavior become the norm in America.

Trump is turning it around, but there’s only so much one man can do. If you see anything like this online or in your own neighborhood that shows the genocide of ANY race, report it.