Why Are Liberal Idiots Sharing This Picture Of Refugees On The Wings Of Air Force One?

It should come as no surprise to you that liberals don’t have all their tools in their toolbox. It should also come as no surprise to you that they don’t check their sources and take whatever they see on the internet as fact – but you know better.

Recently, the internet satire website known as The Onion, famous for making its outlandish news headlines that are nothing more than jokes, published a picture of Cuban refugees clinging to the wings of Air Force One after Obama’s visit. Anyone with a working brain can tell that this is a fake picture, made in Photoshop.

However, many liberals shared it as real. So much so, in fact, that the website Snopes, a debunker of hokey stuff on the internet, had to address it. Yes, this actually happened.

Here’s the infamous picture:

And here’s what Snopes had to say:

Social media users have often unwittingly shared fake news articles published by web sites that exist solely to traffic in outlandish false stories, but The Onion began in the pre-Internet days as a printed humor publication and evolved to become the premier online satirical web site (i.e., a site that aims to make readers laugh, not to be fooled).

Despite its long tenure as a humor site, The Onion is still mistaken for a real news outlet on occasion. Before fake news sites invaded social media with their ubiquitous fabricated tales, users mistaking The Onion for real news inspired a popular blog that captured such errors.

While the picture is funny, it’s quite telling that liberals don’t check their sources at all. That’s also one of the reasons why we always list them at the bottom of our articles so you can make up your own minds on the issues.

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(Source: Snopes)