Whiny Crybaby Jeb Bush Insults Trump When He Realizes That He’s FINISHED!

Jeb Bush is about as two faced as Hillary Clinton at this point. He needs to drop out of the race and let real Republicans fight it out.

Jeb Bush has been “taking the high road” so to speak when it comes to Donald Trump. Trump has repeatedly called Jeb out for being a boring candidate. I completely agree. Jeb’s policies are liberal and his campaign is on life support. Why he’s still in the race at all baffles me. Yet there he was on the most recent debate saying that Trump “can’t insult his way to the Presidency.” So what does Jeb do to follow up that powerful statement? Call Trump names and insult him, of course.

When you can’t beat ’em, join ’em I guess right Jeb? Do us all a favor and just go away. No one wants you to be president. Hell, most of Florida didn’t want you to be their Governor. Just quit and save yourself the embarassment.

(Source: YouTube)