While The Media Was Busy Bashing Trump, He Scored A HUGE WIN Against North Korea

North Korea has been threatening the United States for some time now, and the United States is pretty fed up with it. The North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un has made it very clear that he’s an enemy to the United States, and that he will have no moral problems blowing us off the map.

To which President Trump replied a mildly more diplomatic version of the slang “bring it, bro”. This has caused nations around the world to start taking sides and battening down the hatches, should North Korea attempt to launch World War III.

The giant question mark hanging over the United States had to do with China. While there’s no question as to how we would handle aggressive movements from North Korea, the question remained about how China would receive any acts of war in the back yard. The United States would normally not be at all concerned with how another sovereign nation viewed our actions, if you’ll recall, we do owe China a little money, which can strain any relationship.

China has finally responded to the violent threats leveled by their neighbor, and they seem to be either inspired by or just taking a page from the President’s play book because they’ve decided they want to hit North Korea where it hurts.

BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s Commerce Ministry issued a ban effective from Tuesday on several imports from North Korea, including coal, iron ore, lead concentrates and ore, lead and seafood, a move that is in line with U.N. sanctions announced this month.

Beijing issued the banning order on Monday.

U.N. sanctions must be implemented 30 days after the resolution was approved in a vote on Aug. 6.

The Chinese government said any cargoes already on their way to China would be cleared by customs as usual before the U.N. sanctions deadline.

This will (hopefully) be a huge blow to North Korea and solidify in their minds that if they decide to take on the United States, they’ll be taking on everyone who values their relationship with the United States. It’s not unexpected that other nations would be interested in preventing the start of World War III, however, it’s a huge relief that this stance has come from China.

despite all the criticism that has come from the President’s critics, this is proof positive that his firm stance and unyielding dedication to keeping Americans safe is being respected by world leaders.

(Source: REUTERS)