While Obama Went Golfing, Trump Showed AMERICA What A REAL President Looks Like

Donald Trump is already more presidential in one day than Obama has been in the last 8 years. Don’t believe me? Read below.

It’s not that far fetched to assume that the President of the United States would stop at nothing to help the American people. However, Obama has shown time and time again that he has no interest in doing that whatsoever. As flood waters ravage Louisiana, Obama has taken to his favorite hobby of golf, and decided not to cut his vacation short and help. So who did he send? No one.

But you can bet your last dollar you know who went instead.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence visited flood-ravaged communities in Louisiana on Friday.

Trump and Pence stopped at the home of Jimmy and Olive Gordan in Denham Springs, where the couple was still sweeping out floodwaters from their home.

Powerful video shows Trump consoling Jimmy as he describes their harrowing ordeal.

“You’re going to rebuild,” Trump told him as the two embraced. “It’s going to be so beautiful.”


Trump then told the grief-stricken residents that they will rebuild, giving the reassurance that no matter what, he has not forgotten about them and will fight for them.

I think it’s time for president Trump, how about you?

(Source: YouTube)