While Homeless Veterans Die On The Streets, Obama Does THIS! He Must Be STOPPED!

Sometimes I’m at a loss for words. This might be one of those times.

As homeless veterans die in our streets and most Americans are living below the poverty line, Obama continues to increase his own record for taking the more vacations on the American taxpayer’s dime than any other in history. Most celebrities, who make far more money than the president, don’t vacation or live this well.

In a report, it details just how much Obama had spent in 2014, which is the most up to date information on record. Keep in mind, this is only one vacation.


Judicial Watch announced today that on January 15, 2016, it obtained records from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) revealing that the August 2014 Martha’s Vineyard and Christmas 2014 Honolulu vacations for President Barack Obama and his family cost taxpayers $1,243,057.80 for Secret Service accommodations alone.

Accommodations for the Secret Service detail accompanying the Obama family on their December-to-January Christmas Honolulu vacation cost taxpayers $296,622.80, which includes but is not limited to: $39,575.95 at Paradise Luxury Rentals; $34,827.57 at The Kahala; and $209,218.25 at Cabana Girl LLC.

The Secret Service accommodations records are the second set documents Judicial Watch has released revealing Obama 2014 vacation expenses. In March 2015, Judicial Watch released  records from the U.S. Department of the Air Force revealing that the Obama family’s 2014 Christmas vacation to Honolulu cost taxpayers $3,672,798 in flight expenses alone.

Here’s another fact. Even though many Republicans and others think that George W. Bush largely did not do a bang up as president for 8 years, let’s look back on his expenses as a president. GW Bush spent $59 million on vacations during his 8 years. That’s a lot of money, and at the time the record for presidential spending on vacations. During his first 4 years in office, not 8, Obama spent $1.4 billion. I’ll leave you with that and i’ll let it sink in.

(Source: Judicial Watch)