While Democrats Staged A Sit In, Look What Obama SNUCK In The Country!

We all know Barack Obama is manipulative and conniving, but when he uses the cover of political controversy to release complete monsters into the world, that’s when my blood starts to boil.

Obama, using the anti-gun sit in that whiny Democrats in Congress staged (that was air-conditioned, catered, and had ample time for bathroom breaks), made steps to release a terrorist associated with Osama Bin Laden from Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba.

No, I’m not kidding.

According to Allen B. West,

While the bulk of media coverage yesterday focused on the toddler-like antics of Democrat lawmakers doing a “sit-in” for gun control, Obama was up to his old tricks, sneaking something through while everyone was distracted elsewhere.

The president apparently released yet another dangerous terrorist from Guantanamo Bay.

Who needs enemies with a president like Obama?

 One of the main reasons this is such a big deal is because there’s an incredibly high probability this man will return to the battlefield where he’ll have resources to plot and plan another attack against America, whether it’s tourists, troops, or folks here at home.

This particular individual was heavily radicalized and served as the mastermind behind the deadliest attack on our soil, so it’s highly unlikely his time in Gitmo undid all of the brainwashing he endured during his time with a terrorist cell.

In fact, it likely made him more deeply grounded in his belief system, thus making him an even greater threat now that he’s been released.

With Obama constantly releasing terrorists back to the battlefield, groups like ISIS don’t really need to worry about finding new recruiters, as he’s pretty much doing the job for them.

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