While Democrats Are Ripping Themselves Apart, Trump Gains An EPIC Lead! Whoa!

So you thought the GOP was the only one with party problems? Guess again. The Dems are feuding and I think it’s about to get ugly!

This is hard proof that the liberals are starting to revolt against each other and that Trump is proving to be a credible threat. So much so that now they must focus their efforts to within their own party. Joe Biden is very, very close to running for president in 2016. So much so that when asked about who he thinks is the enemy right now, he said that it’s not the GOP.

‘The other team is not the enemy,’ he said Tuesday night during dinner remarks at the Four Seasons hotel in Washington. ‘If you treat it as the enemy there is no way we can ever ever solve the problems we have to.’

‘I really respect the members up there and I still have a lot of Republican friends. I don’t think my chief enemy is the Republican Party. This is a matter of making things work. I don’t consider Republicans enemies,’ Biden said. ‘They’re friends.’

So if Biden considers the Conservatives to be friends, who IS the enemy? It’s Hillary Clinton, of course.

At an evening gala, Biden even named the former secretary of state, saying she was ‘great’ in her post as the nation’s top diplomat, but couldn’t carry the same weight when speaking to foreign leaders that he could.

Throughout the day, he repeatedly took shots at Clinton’s remark during the first Democratic presidential debate a week ago that Republicans are among the enemies she’s most proud of making.

I think Trump is scaring the Dems into this. He has so much momentum, he’s forcing the other side to make mistakes and cannibalize their own candidates in an effort just to beat him. They’re running scared!


(Source: CNN)