When This Whiny Liberal Demands Free College, She Gets Set Straight INSTANTLY!

Awesome. That is the only word in the English language that can appropriately describe this exchange.

In the wake of all the news around the country of students protesting and requesting “safe spaces” along with being generally entitled, there comes this news that I just have got to share with you all. Fox News is known for shouting the truth from the rooftops. Neil Cavuto is a huge proponent of this and one of the reasons I watch his show religiously.

Well, Neil had a guest that literally made my blood boil. Keely Mullen is the national organizer for the “Million Student March” which is geared towards providing students with “a more equitable and fair system of education.” But this is where the nobility of her cause ends because once she opens her mouth, you can tell she is nothing more than an entitled, spoiled, liberal brat that has no knowledge of the economy or how the real world works.

Her organization’s demands are completely asinine and anyone with a basic understanding of how the world works can see the problems here. Think she wants everything handed to her on a silver platter? You’re damn right. Watch below as she spews her senseless rhetoric and Cavuto silences her with one question.

So all the people who worked for their money, the so called 1% she speaks of, is now fit with the bill of putting you through college? No. Sorry. That’s not how this works. Go get a job and work for your money as opposed to asking for it for free.

Hopefully this has taught her a valuable life lesson. God only knows she’s not getting proper education at whatever college she’s going to.

(Source: YouTube)