When This Reporter REFUSED To Cover Trump Stories, The Network Said “PACK YOUR BAGS!”

Melissa Harris-Perry is one of the biggest racists on the planet and MSNBC has finally had enough of her, firing her after yet another slap to the producers faces to go off on a diatribe about race.

As explained by entertainment blog Jezebel, the tipping point was when she was told to focus on the election (and Donald Trump) during her latest segment on her show and told not to make mention of the racist Beyonce video for her song “Formation” where Beyonce glorifies racist organization Black Lives Matter. Harris-Perry did it anyway.

MSNBC has confirmed with The New York Times that the network and Melissa Harris-Perry have officially parted ways—and one of the main reasons for the break was over Beyoncé’s #BlackLivesMatter-themed music video for “Formation”—the same video made by a non-white person that white people just don’t seem to understand.

Harris-Perry’s kerfuffle with NBC execs came to light after an email she wrote to her staff was leaked, with her permission, by former colleague Jamil Smith on Friday.

In the email, Harris-Perry cited moves made within recent weeks by the network to usurp the program’s autonomy, preempting it for two weeks with coverage of the election. The network’s choice subsequently took away focus from topics like race and identity politics, which it has been known for since first airing in 2012.

It remains to be seen how this will effect MSNBCs ratings, but the liberal news network seems to be getting hit hard by the news.
We, for one, applaud the network for getting rid of someone who wanted to talk about a video glorifying the shooting of police over the election. Good riddance!
(Source: Jezebel)