When This Man Saved A Baby, CNN CENSORED One Thing That Proves They’re IN BED With Hillary!

By the way the media portrays anyone who isn’t a Hillary supporter, they paint anyone who opposes her policies as a crazy nutjob. Time after time you see riots political rallies, but what you don’t see on the liberal media is that those are nearly always started by protesting liberals.

Now, more and more evidence is coming to light to show that it’s the liberals who are the monsters and want to make sure that the average American conforms and follows their messages at all costs. Liberals have many tricks to do this and one was just captured on video for all the world to see.

A Trump supporter in New Jersey noticed a young child locked in a hot car. Being the good Samaritan he is, and not in any way the monster the liberals would like you to believe, he sprung into action and saved the child. But it’s what HLN, owned by CNN, did to his shirt, furthering the proof that liberals have an agenda, that is the unfortunate story here.

Watch below and spot if you see anything unusual.

Did you catch the man’s shirt being blurred out? When the interview was done, it wasn’t known by anyone watching that he was a Trump supporter. Let’s take a look at a picture from another interview on CBS 2 news.

Well then. Looks like the next time you see a story with someone with a shirt blurred, it might not be someone with a profanity on there. If you’re watching liberal news outlets, it could be just a Trump supporter that they don’t want you to know is a good person.

Give it up liberals, you make me sick. You’re the real monsters of this world.

(Source: YouTube)