When This Liberal Video Said “God Is Gay”, They Didn’t Expect Christians To Do THIS! OH YEAH!

Liberal Hollywood loves to bash everything that Republicans stand for. Especially our Christian beliefs.

Worse yet, Hollywood bows to cultural shifting faster than anyone. The new movement to include anyone and everyone because not doing so is either intolerant or racist is beginning to permeate into main stream culture. Yet, when you see anything positive about Christianity, Hollywood always seems to bash it or tear it down (and of course they ever make fun of Muslims or Jews. Double standard much?). And let’s not even start on the gay thing.

Yet Saturday Night Live seemed to wrap all this up into one distasteful skit over the weekend. In fact, nearly every single person we’e spoken to that has seen it is now boycotting the show because of this skit, and we completely agree and will not watch it ever again. This is absolutely disgusting.


God is gay!? I’m sorry, but what kind of world allows this kind of slander and language, yet allows everyone to be tolerant to Muslims as they blow themselves all across the world? I don’t see any Christians causing trouble anywhere.

Here are some real Christians bringing some truth about the people that made this horrible video. What a takedown!

And here’s another response from someone with a more doom-and-gloom view of society and its view of Christians. It’s still quite eye opening, to be honest.

This is a common theme in Hollywood and is exactly why Liberals will just never get how the world works. Spread this everywhere and get the word out. BOYCOTT SNL!

(Source: YouTube)