When This Car Dealership Beat Up A Trump Piñata, His Fans Fought Back HARD

Donald Trump, whether you like him or not, is a divisive character in the Republican party as of late. His hard lined stances on immigration are what got him to his level of popularity, but not everyone is pleased. The Los Angeles car dealership Nissan of Van Nuys made a commercial featuring two employees, one being Martin Cuevas – the dealership’s general sales manager – beating up a piñata named “Trumpudo” with a bat, then talking to their customers in spanish.

Here’s the video:

The reason why this makes no sense is because Trump isn’t against Latinos. He’s against illegal immigrants that burden the country economically and add to the crime rate. Illegal immigrants don’t buy new cars, so this commercial panders to just those Latinos who are apparently too dumb to realize this. In retaliation, many people took to twitter to express their outrage:

I agree with the twitter comments. If it was two white people breaking a cardboard cutout of Obama, they would be chased out of town for racism. Yet here is someone doing it to Donald Trump and they’d like to sell you cars. Don’t stand for this.

(UPDATE: Video was taken down and the dealership has since apologized.)

(H/T TheBlaze)