When They Said “Trump Will NEVER Be President!” Judge Judy Knocked Out EVERY Hater! OMG!

If you’ve ever stayed home from work or school, you’ve seen Judge Judy on TV. she’s the no-nonsense personality that is the tough but fair voice that America needs. That’s why she’s the person to ask about our insanely controversial and polarizing political climate.

When she’s pressed on the possible Trump candidacy, the TV judge has a few eloquent but sharp things to say, and we love her all the more for it because she is firmly on the Donald Trump train!

According to Judge Judy,

“I think that if he really wants to be considered as a real candidate, he has to start to temper some of that rhetoric, because while the truthfulness and the candor and the directness of his speeches was appealing for a period of time, in order to be considered pres — to me, and I’m crazy about Donald. In order to be presidential there has to be a measure in the way you present your argument,” she said. To Judy, Trump’s winning streak is a measure of the American people. “They were hungry for plain speak. And Donald is plain speak.

Here is her interview, it’s a must-share!

Are you glad that Judge Judy knows that Donald Trump is what America needs? I sure as hell am!

(Source: YouTube)