When They Said “Trump Is Finished”, This Shark Tank Star Fired Back HARD!

As we all know by now, Donald Trump has friends and admirers in high places.

None higher than one of the biggest and outspoken stars of the ABC hit show, Shark Tank, Kevin O’Leary.

In an interview with Huffington Post Business, O’Leary lays out his thoughts on Trump, and even with the leading questions from the liberal media outlet, O’Leary went far to defend Trump’s position and his accomplishments. Not only is this an objective view of Trump’s candidacy, but it’s a good indicator that people at the top are talking about and rooting for Trump, even if they don’t endorse all of his policies thus far.

It’s certainly more than I can say for any other candidate on the right or left. Here’s the entire exchange:

(Source: Huffington Post Business)