When They Called Him A “Traitor”, This Black Trump Voter UNLOADED On Every Trump Hater! OMG!

If the mainstream media is to be believed, then all of Donald Trump’s support comes from out-of-the-closet racists that have come screaming out of the closet with swastikas in hand. But we know better, and so do you. That’s why this video is so particularly satisfying.

At a St. Louis Trump rally, Black Lives Matter activists accosted a man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. The reason why? He was black and thus, he was a race traitor in their eyes. You see, the left has brainwashed the masses into thinking that if you don’t vote for Democrats, you’re not black enough, or you’re voting against your interests, when the truth is that since the advent of the welfare state, the destruction of the black family in America has turned generational. It’s disgusting.

When this bright man speaks out against the Black Lives Matter protesters in his face, they can’t come back with anything, as they start leaving when he DESTROYS their arguments! It’s a must-watch and must-share:

(Source: YouTube)