When They Asked Putin About Forgiving ISIS, His Answer Signed Their Death Warrant!

This could very well be another moment in history where we have a quote from a world leader that goes down as something everyone will remember.

It might be on par with “Give me liberty or give me death!” Not quote as patriotic, but this has the potential to be that kind of quote. It’s no secret Vladimir Putin is a strong world leader. He ranked above Obama in this year’s “Most Powerful Person In The World” poll. Now, he’s taking the fight directly to ISIS and it’s many installations in Syria. So much so that he isn’t afraid to talk about it, unlike our coward in chief.

Here’s Putin’s quote. Be prepared, you’re going to want to share this with every single person you know.

‘To forgive the terrorists is up to god, to send them to him is up to me.’

Yes! Yes! So much yes! DAMN STRAIGHT! This is incredible. And this comes hot on the heels of Putin blasting ISIS to kingdom come. We fully support your war on ISIS president Putin. We salute you!

(Source: Fox News)