When The Liberal Media Challenged Trump, He Set ‘Em Straight INSTANTLY! WOW!

Trump is our guy for the job. It’s no secret. We’re big fans. But when we see stuff like this, it only proves that he is going to go all the way!

Trump doubters are out there by the hundreds. You mostly see them on TV.

Here’s another example, but this time there’s a twist.

Says Joe Scarborough, if Jeb Bush had Donald Trump’s poll numbers, the media would proclaim the race ‘T-K-Over.’ Yet rather than touting Trump’s commanding lead, the liberal media speculates instead on the Donald’s “exit strategy.” That had Scarborough blasting CNN and other MSM outlets as “Trump deniers” on today’s Morning Joe.

Boom! That’s exactly what we need to have out there to silence the doubters. Trump 2016!
(Source: News Busters)