When Republicans Attacked Trump, Ann Coulter Hit ‘Em Back With A KNOCKOUT Punch!

Ann Coulter is a polarizing figure.

When it matters, she stands up and says no. And this time it’s about our man Trump. Nikki Haley’s rebuttal speech after the state of the union was largely panned as good, but Coulter saw right through it, tweeting that Trump should deport Haley. Coulter said that the speech was a direct attack on Trump.

Coulter went on Hugh Hewitt’s show to clarify her comments.

This is both funny, on Ann’s side, and true, about Trump. Everything Coulter says is true here.

Both speeches attacked Donald Trump unfairly and Coulter called them all out for it. We support Ann here as well as Trump and as long as there are truth speakers like her on his side, there’s no stopping the Donald.

(Source: YouTube)