When Obama Tried To Take Their Guns Away, This Texas School Said “KISS MY ***!”

As Obama attempts to disarm America, one Texas school district is tell him to shove it in a major way.

Since Obama took office, we’ve has a record number of insane people walking into places of business and school and murdering the innocent. And it’s not due to an overabundance of guns. It’s due to a lack of guns in those places that continue to get shot up. Texas just said that they’re done with that nonsense.

Here’s what they’re doing for some of their teachers.

The Keene Independent School District (in Johnson County) voted 6 to 1 Wednesday night to allow teachers to carry guns on school campuses.

A “very select few” teachers who are identified as candidates by campus principals, Keene Police Department and the Keene ISD Superintendent will be invited to volunteer.

Those individuals will be go through training to earn their concealed handgun licenses with 80 additional hours of training annually after that to maintain readiness.

Once again, Texas is leading the way and showing exactly how we should combat people shooting up schools: by giving the teachers guns. This couldn’t come at a better time in American history. If this succeeds and it foils a future attack or plot, it’s going to be extremely difficult for the liberals to go against it. Mainly because it’s going to work.

(Source: NBC dfw)