When Obama Said This About Our Military, He Got SHUT DOWN INSTANTLY! I Can’t Stop Cheering!

I love when Obama gets what’s coming to him and here’s a case that’ll leave you cheering all day long!

Obama has said over and over again that the only way to win against ISIS is to strike from the air and hit tactical targets. Well while that’s all well and good, America knows better and it shows with this new poll on sending troops to fight against ISIS. According to a new Associated Press poll, nearly half of all Americans want to send troops because they know our boys will get the job done!


Forty-two percent of Americans favor deploying troops to fight ISIS, up from 31 percent in a poll conducted early this year. Thirty-two percent oppose sending troops, while 22 percent didn’t take a side.

Seventy-four percent of respondents said they think it is likely the U.S. will deploy ground troops, including 43 percent who said it was “moderately likely” and 31 percent who said it was “extremely/very likely.”

We all know we have the greatest military in the world and that our service men and women would seek out, kill, and snuff all ISIS combatants if they were deployed there. Everyone knows this…except Obama. He continues to live in his own little world and not live in reality. A reality where the only way to defeat ISIS fully is to send troops and wipe them all off the face of the earth. We need a Republican to help do this job! Trump, get here fast and help us crush ISIS once and for all!

(Source: The Hill)