When Obama IGNORED Orlando After The Shooting, Trump STEPPED UP And Did This

When a national tragedy like the shooting in Orlando happens, there are a few things the president does. First he talks with his national security advisors and others in his cabinet as to what the situation is. Next he gets full details on the event and makes a speech. Obama has made 18 of these speeches, a record for any president in the country’s history.

After that, he then gathers more intel from from more trusted sources. Finally, he begins to make phone calls. If there were military personnel killed, he would personally call the families (if he was a good president) to offer his condolences, he would potentially call other victim’s families as well, and he would make any number of phone calls to other local politicians showing his support.

Florida Governor Rick Scott should have been one of those people, yet Obama, as of this post, still has yet to call the leader of the state. But guess who already called him?

In the wake of the deadliest terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11, Rick Scott received phone calls from George W. Bush and Donald Trump, the Republican governor of Florida said Tuesday. He’s still waiting on a call from President Barack Obama, however.

Speaking to Brian Kilmeade on “Fox & Friends” from Orlando, Florida, Scott shared details of both calls. During his call with the 43rd president, Scott said Bush told him that he and former first lady Laura Bush “were praying for us, and anything he could do, he would love to be helpful.”

As far as Obama is concerned, Scott said, “He has not called us.”

“A staffer has called, but no, he has not called,” Scott added, after Kilmeade noted that Obama “was talking about guns yesterday,” speculating that the president would talk more about that angle during his visit to the city scheduled for Thursday.

Here is the brief video where he said this on Fox News this morning.


He also called out Obama for being soft on ISIS and asked when we were going to take ISIS seriously.  

And we totally agree. Obama is sitting by idly while Trump has already called while being on the campaign trail. Trump is already a better president that Obama and he’s not even president yet! We need someone like Trump in the White House that will actually care about Americans and our country.

Obama, you’re done.

(Source: Politico)