When Muslims Said “This Country Is OURS!” They Never Expected THIS! OMG!

As the European muslims immigrant crisis reaches a tipping point, one country is saying no more. And it’s about time.

Germany has famously been a focal point, along with Sweden, for the migratory crisis in Europe mainly due to it’s open borders policy. Now, it seems, they’ve had enough. Today Germany announced major changes to it’s migrant policy to help quell what many residents say is the worst thing to happen to the country since WWII.


Germany has long been seen as among the most friendly, having committed to accepting 800,000 migrants in 2015, far more than any other European country. But, beset by criticism surrounding mass robberies and sex assaults on New Year’s Eve in Cologne and elsewhere, even Berlin is tightening up.

Among other things, Germany’s Justice Ministry announced new legislation to allow it to more easily deport migrants found guilty of crimes causing death or serious injury, sexual or physical assaults, or resisting police officers.

And on Thursday, Merkel announced what’s referred to as “Asylum Package II” on Thursday. This draft law, which her Cabinet should have in its hands shortly, tightens Germany’s rules for people seeking asylum.

This is great news as Obama is set to let in 10,000 muslim refugees this year. Let’s hope this has a trickle down effect all over the world so that we can keep our people safe.

(Source: CNN)