When Mitt Romney Attacked Trump, He Didn’t Expect AMERICA To Fight Back! He Is FINISHED!

Who else saw this coming? No one? Just us? Well then allow me to be the first one to tell the GOP elite that, “We told you so.”

Early in March Mitt Romney held a press conference on “the sate of the GOP” where he patted himself on the back (even though he lost the 2012 election for us) and bashed Trump to, what some said, was the point of no return. Clearly, Trump hasn’t faded. However, an interesting thing has happened. It’s seems as though Mitt Romney, who isn’t even in the race, has faded.

In a new poll conducted by Public Policy Polling, those that were polled said that Romney is generally unpopular and “completely unacceptable.” Good job Mitt! Way to stick it to Trump. (Sarcasm)

Mitt Romney — whose March 3 speech trashing Donald Trump opened the floodgates for the GOP establishment’s full-scale offensive against the billionaire — is now “generally unpopular” according to a new poll.

The survey by Public Policy Polling showed that Romney, the GOP’s 2012 presidential nominee, is now “completely unacceptable” as a potential presidential pick if the brokered Republican convention Romney has sought should come to pass.

“Romney is completely unacceptable. Only 28 percent say they’d be comfortable with him as nominee to 62 percent who would not and he’s just generally unpopular. That 28/62 spread is also his favorability rating,” PPP said in a statement.

Trump has continued to fire back at Romney, who he had criticized as a failed candidate even before Romney denounced him.

What I still don’t understand is why Mitt would do this to the Republican party? I think he’s still trying to live out his presidential fantasy. Give it up Mitt, you’ll never be president.

Trump is the one that will lead us back to the promised land. Not you, you failure.

(Source: Western Journalism)