When Liberals Tried To Badmouth All Republicans, He Came Out With GUNS BLAZING!

This is just pure awesome! This is why the GOP is the best party! Can’t. Stop. Cheering!

Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman Reince Priebus is no dummy. He sees right through all the BS the liberal media spews to it’s legions of followers. Well now he’s calling them out. He went on NBC Today recently to speak to liberal crack pot Matt Lauer about the GOP and it’s way forward. Well, being liberal and blowing GOP news way out of proportion, of course Lauer asked about the Ben Carson “scandal” about his offer to West Point.

Watch below as Priebus slams down the notion that Carson’s news is actually news worthy and flips the script back on him to get to the real important topics; like Hillary Clinton and her massive lies.

Yea! That is awesome and just the kind of leader that we need for the RNC!

(Source: Newsbusters)