When Liberals Allowed Men In Women’s Bathrooms, One Dad FINALLY Had Enough!

It’s bad enough that PC culture has to infect every facet of society, but what’s going on in Washington state is downright ridiculous.

Apparently, it’s now legal for a man to walk into a woman’s bathroom  or locker room, regardless of age and watch them change. I’ll let that sink in for a moment.

Not only that, if the woman feels uncomfortable or threatened (as a man looks at her in the bathroom or changing), she could be charged with a CRIME.

One dad made a post on Facebook about what he has to do every time his daughters have to use public bathrooms. It’s a must read. Let’s get this VIRAL!


Men allowed now in women’s restrooms and locker-rooms in Washington state, and it is illegal to even question them or ask them to leave. Even if children are present.

So I spent last weekend in Seattle guarding the ladies room doors when my girls, including my six-year-old, would use the bathroom in a restaurant or in a public place or something.

The new rule states in Washington that it is illegal to ask a man to use a separate facility for the benefit of women and children who might be uncomfortable. It further states, once a man begins to undress in the women’s locker room a person who “expresses concern or discomfort…should be escorted to a separate or gender-neutral facility” and the naked man has a right to stay, naked, in the women’s room. This applies to ALL businesses and ALL schools.

So, all you women and children who are uncomfortable with the naked guy over there? “Please come with me and leave him alone.” He has a right to be there in the women’s room and you do not.

It is illegal to ask “unwelcome personal questions about an individual’s sexual orientation, gender expression or gender identity, or transgender status.”

The commission provides no guidance to the public about how they are supposed to know which questions are unwelcome before they ask them.

It is also illegal for a business to deliberately “misuse” someone’s preferred pronoun. If a man believes he is a woman, but you refer to him as a “he” anyway, he can sue you.

However, you should be careful not to ask questions about which pronoun he prefers. Remember, if that’s an “unwelcome question” he can sue you for that.

Sexual predators look for opportunity. This provides it.

If I was a lady, I would never set foot in a YMCA again. Guys are exhibitionists. So a man can walk into a ladies room and expose himself and if you question him or demand that he leave, that is illegal, he is protected and has a right to undress in front of you, even if you’re alone. You can be sued and charged.

If a man would have tried by go past me into the ladies room while my daughter was in there, I would have cold-cocked him right on the spot. Yeah, over my dead body, and his.

America is so insulated it thinks nothing matters anymore. Liberalism is insanity. Goodbye, Seattle. Go #%$ yourself.


(Source: Facebook)