When Latino Protesters Came To Stop Trump, They Got Put In Their Place INSTANTLY!

When will these protesters learn? Trump isn’t going anywhere!

As we know, Trump just hosted SNL this past weekend to huge ratings and great fanfare. But once again, protesters showed up to ruin everyone’s good time on the basis that Trump is a racist. And once again, they can’t comprehend what “racist” means.

So, being the amazing people Trump supporters are, they showed up to the SNL studios to protest the protesters! If this was any of you, let us know because we support you!

I find these protests the absolute height of stupidity. And half a million signatures? I find that hard to believe where there weren’t even 100 people there to protest the SNL show. The PRO-Trump protesters, however, are amazing and they should be proud of supporting such a great candidate and man in Donald Trump. Here are a few pictures of the Trump supporters. We salute you!



(Source: YouTube and Twitter)