When ISIS Thought Russia Was Leaving, Putin Brought Out The BIG GUNS! OMG!

A lot has been made of the Russian pull out of Syria. What many don’t know is that this isn’t a pull out at all.

In fact, Russia sent in MORE troops and helicopters than the pulled out in fighter jets showing that Russia has no signs of stopping the fight against ISIS and we say GOOD! We’ve supported President Putin’s all out assault on the region as he takes out more ISIS targets that Obama ever considered.

What this means is that Russia is actually be ramping up operations in Syria.

Throughout Russia’s military involvement in the Syrian conflict it has utilized advanced derivatives of the venerable Mi-24 Hind attack helicopter. This is primarily the Mi-24P model. The Kremlin decided to keep its much more advanced Mi-28 Havoc and Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopters at home for the conflict. But now these helicopters have finally shown up.

The arrival of Russia’s two most advanced attack helicopters is predictable on many levels.

First off, there is still a clear mission for Russian combat helicopters in Syria. The Kremlin has said that it will be leaving a residual force to keep its new base secure. This could likely even mean going on combat missions nearby in order to keep a safe buffer zone in the region. Attack and utility helicopters are the perfect tool for such a mission.

Then there is the fact that sending empty transports to pick up swathes of Russian gear and helicopters is a waste. Instead, Russia could fill those cargo holds during the first leg of their round-and-back trips with fresh helicopters. Swapping out some of the helicopters that have been in-theatre for six months months or more just makes economic and logistical sense.

This means what Russia is doing is most definitely upping their ISIS smiting arsenal! Take ’em out!

(Source: Foxtrot Alpha)

By Blair Patterson

Blair used to be a devoted Democrat, highly involved in his local and state government. Until one day when he served on a larger, state Democratic campaign and saw the underhanded ways in which they tried to manipulate both the votes and the public. Now, a bastion for the conservative side, Blair wants to bring truth, justice, and the conservative American way to anyone willing to Listen. He lives in Kentucky and is on the board for his town and county planning committee.