When Hillary Clinton INSULTED Cops, Sheriff Clarke ROASTED Her On LIVE TV!

Hillary Clinton and the entire Democratic National Convention was as anti-police as humanly possible. They paraded out people that supported the racist and anti-cop organization Black Lives Matter. They also famously didn’t allow police on the floor of the convention, and allowed BLM dummies to protest a moment of silence for dead cops in Dallas and Baton Rouge. It was sickening.

Now, police are risking their jobs (as the media is quick to badmouth any agencies that don’t fall in line with Hillary’s insane platform) and speaking out about Clinton being not only two faced, but seeking their endorsement. The main reason why it has cops all over the country ticked is because Clinton has thus far ignored every single attempt at support or outreach.

Yeah, Hillary only goes after cops when she needs something. Sound familiar? Enter Sheriff David Clarke. Oh yeah.

Officials with the largest police union in the country are saying that they were snubbed by Hillary Clinton.

The National Fraternal Order of Police, which represents nearly half of all cops in the country, says that Clinton didn’t seek their endorsement and isn’t even talking to them.

“It sends a powerful message. To be honest with you, I was disappointed and shocked,” Chuck Canterbury, president of union, told The Hill. “You would think with law enforcement issues so much in the news that even if she had disagreements with our positions, that she would’ve been willing to say that.”

The Hill reported that Donald Trump, who is running as the “law and order” candidate, is now actively seeking the union’s endorsement.

The union, which represents 335,000 members, last endorsed a Democratic candidate in 1996, when it supported incumbent President Bill Clinton.

The Hill asked Canterbury if he thought Hillary Clinton respected police, to which he replied, “Can’t answer that question. Don’t know.”

This is typical Hillary in every way. She just expects people to bow to her and support her Presidential run. As red-blooded Americans, we support our police and we ESPECIALLY support the police when they say, “HELL NO!” to Hillary when she wants more political power. After all, we know that the only place Hillary belongs is in PRISON! Who’s with me?

(Source: Fox News)