When Haters Attacked Trump, His Supporters Said ENOUGH! They’re Fighting BACK!

Oh Liberals, when will you learn that doing research is actually how people should go about things?

Liberals LOVE to just spout “statistics” and “facts” like they think they know what they’re talking about. Here’s the grim reality of the state of affairs these days. No one wants to do any research or historical referencing before jumping head on into an argument. All people want to see is the one bit of information they agree with and then spew it out their mouths like they came up with the idea/argument.

Liberals love doing this more than any other demographic because if anything offends them, they just say they looked it up and it’s true. In fact, Liberals don’t really tend to do research on any particular topic at all. This video is proof of it.

At a Trump Rally, some Liberals sought out Trump supporters to get into a “conversation” about how Trump and his followers are wrong. Watch and see how these Trump supporters shut them down with actual facts and all the Liberals want to do is yell and not back it up with anything.

This is how we’re operating now and it’s a damn shame.

What we need is for these people to come together on common ground and debate. That’s what the freedom of speech is all about. Liberals and Democrats seeking out these people at Trump rallies is only detrimental to the goals of both sides. Notice how the male Trump supporter, the one who did the majority of talking in the video, was relatively cool, calm, and collected. Now notice how all the Liberal wanted to do was yell and not prove anything.

This is what the media is missing. We have an obligation to show that Trump supporters are not only non-violent, but also are willing to talk about the points that America needs to see and talk about.

When Liberals want to talk, we’re right here, but you have to stop yelling and you have to come to the conversation ready to debate with facts and actual salient points as opposed to nothing but flat, uninteresting, and quite frankly, tired “arguments.”

(Source: YouTube)