When Asked If Donald Trump Will Win, Joe Biden STUNNED Obama By Saying “YES!”

Donald Trump is making waves and like it or not, it’s reaching Obama and his cabinet, including his Vice President, Joe Biden.

Recently, both the President and Vice President were asked what they thought of the Republican front runner, and Obama immediately laughed and said “Talk to me when he wins.” Either Obama knows something we don’t, or he simply doesn’t understand that his polling numbers are falling faster than the number of people in the job market, and he’s been one of the most ineffective Presidents we’ve had in generations.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, didn’t offer a reply that was so condescending and agreed that yes, it was certainly possible that Donald could win.

Here’s the video of the interview by the TODAY Show:

While he had his reservations, even the ultra-liberal Vice President made it clear that we could have Trump in the White House. Let’s make that a reality!

(Source: Twitter)