When An Elderly Christian Woman Spoke Out Against Islam, Muslims Did THIS! OMG!

The refugee crisis in Europe has reached critical mass, with sexual assaults, rapes, thefts, and murders on the rise, stemming from the migrant population. Many countries are calling an end to the progressive “open borders” policy, with hundreds of thousands of migrants being told to leave.

That’s when we get to this video, in which an elderly Christian is asked to give her opinions of the influx of Islamic immigrants to Germany and her story of being sexually harassed and molested by Muslims while riding public transportation. Almost immediately she gets interrupted by a few young Muslim men that don’t provide any facts to what they say, they simply want to stop her from talking. This is exactly the totalitarian mentality that’s rampant in Islam that’s completely incompatible with Christianity.

Watch the video and share it with anyone that will see the truth for what it is. The liberals have dug us into a hole, and we need to climb out.

(Source: YouTube)