When A Veteran Mentioned “God” In A Military Ceremony, Obama’s Thugs Did The UNTHINKABLE

I still cannot comprehend what I’m watching and why it’s illegal in any way to say “God” here.

According to reports, retired Senior Master Sergeant Oscar Rodriguez was visably and forcefully removed from a flag folding ceremony at the retirement ceremony for Master Sergeant Charles Roberson. Below, you will see Sergeant Rodriguez about to give his speech, which was the traditional speech given in these ceremonies. However, in 2005 the Pentagon made changes to the speech to remove all references to God, for some inane reason. The specific phrase in question is as follows from the traditional speech.

“Let us pray that God will reflect with admiration the willingness of one nation in her attempts to rid the world of tyranny, oppression, and misery. It is this one nation under God that we call, with honor, the United States of America.”

The revised Pentagon speech replaces the references to God with historical events. As Sergeant Rodriguez was set to speak, you can see he is confronted and assaulted by military personnel!

These are our own military officers assaulting one of their own over saying “God.” This is what America has come to under Obama.

But wait! There’s good news out of this story and is exactly what we SHOULD be remembering and hoping for after this disgusting display of un-patriotism.

Rodriguez contacted First Liberty Institute and explained the situation to them. The institute has agreed to represent Rodriguez at no charge to him.

A letter sent by First Liberty stated that, upon learning of Rodriguez’s plans to give the traditional speech rather than the revised version, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Sovitsky opposed and attempted to prohibit Rodriguez from attending the ceremony.

Discussing the event, Rodriguez said, “It was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life. To have the Air Force assault me and drag me out of a retirement ceremony simply because my speech included the word ‘God’ is something I never expected from our military.”

Director of military affairs Mike Berry responded to the actions of the airmen saying, “Mr. Rodriguez has a constitutional right to free speech and religious expression, even on a military base.

He added, “The military broke the law and abused its power. We expect the Air Force to hold those responsible accountable, and allow Mr. Rodriguez to continue honoring the flag and other veterans who have sacrificed for our country.”

That’s right! His case will be taking on for FREE! These personnel that accosted Sergeant Rodriguez were out of place and out of line and should be ashamed of themselves. We hope he wins the case and gets some justice where it is deserved!

(Source: Western Journalism)