When A Student Pointed A Gun At His Class, The Teacher Performed This Miracle

Given the events this week of two reporters gunned down live on the air, this is a bit of fresh air.

A student entered a classroom with a gun and held a class hostage, but a heroic teacher had a level head and calmed the 14 year old down enough to not allow the next group of students into the class room. She kept her cool in such a way that she saved potentially dozens of lives, including her own. Although I would like for more teachers and caretakers to have gun training, often times the right response to talk the person down and find shelter to wait out the storm.

The Blaze reported on this horrific story.

State Police Lt. Michael Baylous said it began after 1 p.m. Tuesday with the student taking a pistol into a second-floor classroom at Philip Barbour High School, a drab brown campus in a rural area of tree-peppered rolling hills. He wouldn’t say what spurred the hostage-taking, citing an ongoing investigation.

Without naming the teacher, Barbour County Schools Superintendent Jeffrey Woofter credited her for maintaining control just when classes were about to change. Woofter also praised the local police chief for getting quickly to the scene and talking the suspect into giving up.

The teacher talked the boy into not allowing the next group of students to enter the classroom. Alerted by those students, another teacher told school administrators, who then called 911.

‘The teacher did a miraculous job, calming the student, maintaining order in the class,’ Woofter said.

Thank God this turned out okay. I’m sure the liberals will blame gun control, as usual, on this one, but we can thank a fast acting teacher for helping to avoid another mass shooting. God bless her!