When A Marine Was Brutally Beaten By Thugs, Obama Did One HORRIBLE THING!

This is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever hard to write, but it needs to be done.

According to reports, a group of black teens recently beat a Marine vet after coming up to him in a McDonalds and asking him if black lives matter? When the Vet ignored the clearly militant and race bating young thugs, he calmly walked out of the restaurant where he was assaulted and robbed. But that isn’t the most disturbing part of this story.

What is? It’s the fact that President Obama and his legions of idiots haven’t said a damn thing. And that in itself, when talking about a brave war veteran, is absolutely disgusting.


From Allen B. West:


So, given the administration’s laser focus on racially-oriented altercations, President Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch must be ALL OVER this, right?

I mean, we all remember President Obama bending over backwards to send not just one, but three representatives to the funeral of one Michael Brown, who was killed in the line of — trying to rob a convenience store.

And Attorney General Loretta Lynch expressing her “greatest fear” in the immediate aftermath of the San Bernardino terror attacks — that killed 14 and terrorized many more — was anti-Muslim “rhetoric,” which she vowed to prosecute. Right before she then moved on to her next priority in the aftermath of that first terror attack on U.S. soil since 9/11 — which was, of course, meeting with representatives of the Black Lives Matter movement.

So where are President Obama and Attorney General Lynch now? Surely, it couldn’t be that Obama and Lynch don’t give a rat’s patootie about certain lives — like those who are white or “white Hispanic” (as no doubt the likes of Black Lives Matter would categorize an Hispanic). Or, God forbid, our distinguished military heroes?

So not only does he give no response, they actively avoid these types of situations all the time.

Which brings up a huge political point and question. Is Barack Obama himself a racist? If he cannot stand up for those who protect not only himself but all Americans and throws his hat in with a race bating, racist, militant, actionable, and backward group like BLM, who will he stand up for?

(Source: Allen B. West)