When A Marine Asked Ronda Rousey On A Date, She Said Yes, With 1 Small Catch…

Bravery comes in all ways. For our troops, they are on the front lines battling evil every day to protect our great nation. Yet there is another way for these soldiers to be brave. Like having the cajones to ask our an international superstar via video to a Marine Corps Ball.

This is exactly what happened for North Carolina Marine, Jarrod Hash. He eloquently and charmingly asked female MMA legend Ronda Rousey to his Marine Corps Ball on his Facebook page and has since garnered tons of attention. Here’s his video:

Hey guys, I’m trying to take Ronda Rousey to the Marine Corps Ball this year and I need your help to reach out to her and her fans. Please share this post and video. Thank you!!

Posted by Jarrod Hash on Saturday, August 22, 2015

That a boy! Good for you. But what he didn’t plan on was Ronda actually responding! Check it out. What did she say!?

This is awesome! We salute you BOTH for being great people and good sports about the whole matter.

(Sources: Facebook and YouTube)