When A Clueless Student Yelled “I Pledge Allegiance To ISIS!” He Wasn’t Expecting THIS!

Boys will be boys, but in a situation where there have been lives lost at the hands of rogue and covert agents working for the evil group known as ISIS, we really can’t be too careful.

That’s why authorities were called to a Connecticut school to deal with a student who yelled “I pledge allegiance to ISIS!”

CTPost has the story,

Chalk it up to teenage insensitivity, ignorance or impudence.

But an Ansonia High School student sparked a federal investigation when he substituted “ISIS” for the “United States of America” during the morning Pledge of Allegiance.


Local police did not charge the 15-year-old boy with a crime, but turned the matter over to the Department of Homeland Security, said Ansonia police Lt. Andrew Cota.

ISIS is the term often used for the Islamic State terrorist group also known as ISIL.

The incident occurred before the Christmas break, Cota said.

The boy, who was not identified by police because he is a juvenile, is no longer at the high school. He has been assigned to classes in a modular building that is part of the Robert E. Zuraw Administration Center on Grove Street.

While the boy’s family and lawyers think it’s not a big deal, the police chief thinks otherwise,

Ansonia Police Chief Kevin Hale said the matter is closed as far as the department is concerned.

He said a person may have First Amendment rights to free speech and to use the word “ISIS,” but that doesn’t mean “you can yell ‘fire’ in a crowded movie theater.”

Cota said in a release Thursday, “The Ansonia Police received a complaint from the Ansonia High School Administrators on October 9 of 2015. The SRO completed a report and we forwarded it off to Homeland Security as we would with any case that we feel needs to be brought to their attention. We are no longer investigating this matter. The allegation is that the male was allegedly making pro ISIS statements during the Pledge of Allegiance. As this is a juvenile matter there is no much information there is no other information being released.”

Whether the punishment is severe or he just gets a slap on the wrist, I think punk kids like this need to be spanked at a young age so they learn what’s what. Who’s with me?

(Source: CT Post)