When A Bakery Was Told To Be “Politically Correct”, They Made This EPIC Sign! WHOA!

This is pure awesome right here.

A bakery in Ohio is sticking it to liberals who think political correctness should be the new normal in our society. What ever happened to just dealing with life and moving on? Liberals think we are all such delicate snowflakes that need to be coddled from birth. Well us conservatives know that to be completely bunk and like to live our lives normally.

Pretty much to the extent of what the sign below says. It’s been shared all over today.

And what makes this story extra sweet, is that since they put up the sign, business has boomed.

Staffers manning the Sunday evening crowd told TheBlaze that not only is the sign still affixed to the front door, but also business has doubled. ‘We didn’t do it for the publicity,’ Katelynn Jackson said during a phone interview. ‘It was just to prove a point.’ And through it all, it’s clear the sign at Schuler’s is driving home one important point: ‘We still live in America,’ Jackson said, ‘and we’re standing up for what we believe.’

Amen! That’s why I like to see! Express your freedom by showing liberals what true American qualities are. We salute you, Schuler’s Bakery! God bless you and God bless America.

(Source: The Blaze)