What This Liberal Reporter Said About Bill Clinton’s DNC Speech PROVES Hillary Will LOSE!

Party unity is a wonderful thing. Remember last week when Ted Cruz didn’t endorse Donald Trump? The entire RNC boo’ed him off the stage. That’s true party loyalty. The shockwave that rippled through the political sphere when that happened was amazing.

Both the Republican party as well as nearly all Conservative media rallied behind Trump. Our party has never looked this strong, especially with an anti-establishment candidate.

Conversely the Democrats have never looked more disorganized and disjointed. First, The DNC chair quit amidst yet another email scandal only to be hired immediately afterwards. Then, their celebrity and police shooting victims emotional parade fell totally flat. Bernie supporters are rioting outside the DNC and trying to scale the walls built around the arena.

It’s total chaos, and what should be happening is the political pundits in the Liberal media should be rallying around Hillary and Bill Clinton to try to get back on track. What’s happening is the exact opposite and it’s driving the party further apart. We couldn’t be happier.

Here’s proof of that. Rachel Maddow, one of if not THE most Liberal pundit of them all just SLAMMED Bill Clinton’s speech he made at the DNC last night.

When she said, “The end of the speech was really good,” didn’t make up for the unraveling comments she made immediately beforehand. You can see the terror on Brian Williams’ face when she’s talking. The DNC is a mess and the media is making it worse.

Who else is loving this train wreck? I can’t look away. They’re just making Trump stronger and stronger.

(Source: YouTube)