What This Hilarious Army Vet Said When He Got On Stage Made Me Spit Out My Drink. HA HA!

Being in the military is one of the most honorable, noble, and brave things any human being could ever do. You are being selfless, sacrificing your time and potentially your life for the country you love, and are held in the highest regard while doing arguably the toughest job on earth. It’s truly admirable and I for one thank our military personnel every single day I wake up for being there to protect us.

Sometimes, you need take a step back from all the war and inhumanity that you see and just have a laugh. That’s exactly what this Veteran did.

OIF war veteran Raul Sanchez is also a stand up comedian and he’s pretty damn funny. Watch below as he recounts a firefight with his troops and how he makes a crummy situation into one we can all laugh about.


I love this! I can’t stop laughing. He’s truly funny. What was your favorite part? Share this everywhere if you got a good laugh.