What This Blonde Bombshell Said About Black Lives Matter Will Wake America The F**K UP

Tomi Lahren, for those of you that do not know, is a true patriot and speaks her mind, no matter who she offends. That, in itself, deserves praise, whatever side of the aisle you’re on.

Lahren famously took on Obama and Muslims, but now she’s back and taking on Black Lives Matter and the rioters after the arguably justified police shooting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her words ring true at a time when we need more fighters like her speaking up for those that have no voice in these incidents: the business owners and innocent bystanders that had nothing to do with any of this foolishness.

Tomi, let ’em have it, and it’s satisfying as hell.


It’s obvious that she’s absolutely right here. If the BLM movement or anyone rioting had any brains or sense in their brains, they wouldn’t further dig the hole that they’re in. Burning down buildings isn’t helping. Looting isn’t helping. Saying that one police officer shooting someone is “one day away” from utter chaos and anarchy, isn’t helping, and may actually be functionally retarded. They’re all perpetually going to stay in this state of lawlessness and thug mentality, and nothing, other than society’s judgment over time, can stop them.

Wake up, America. This needs to stop.

(Source: Facebook)