What President Trump Did For A Marine When No One Was Looking Will Make You Proud

For the past eight years, the United States has had a Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces with what seems like very little respect for what they do or their sacrifice.

Their disrespect for those whose shoulders they stood on was a disgrace to the country and the history of America.

Despite all of the bad press that President Trump has received about how he’s never been in the military and how he was used to riches, the Trump White House has already gained the respect of many who were terribly disconcerted by the Obamas.

Case in point; President Trump’s attempt to give some respect to one of the Marines who stood at attention while he boarded Marine One. Note: this is what happens when no press is around.

Of course President Trump isn’t perfect and has made mistakes (and will no doubt make many more), he’s human; but what is a credit to him is his attitude. He may have to keep his mind on lots of high and lofty things, but he’s obviously not too busy to show that he can be a servant leader.

All of those who serve at the pleasure of the President do so in order to free him up to execute the job of President in the most efficient way possible. They’re not there to wait on him hand and foot just because hew as lucky enough to win enough votes to sit in the Oval Office. They work for him, so that he can work for us, and obviously this President hasn’t forgotten that.

Living in a world where everyone is screaming and clamoring for their “rights” it’s nice to see that the leader of the free world can still take a moment to retrieve someone’s hat.

Whatever else you can say about President Trump, you’ve got to admit that he understands what the office of President is about.

(Source: Fox News)