What One Brave Soldier Did For Two Little Boys Will Restore Your Faith In America!

Sometimes you hear about all the negative in the world. Sometimes you see things like this and it warms your heart. Share this everywhere!

At a Walmart store in the Lawrenceville, Georgia area two boys named Jayden and Gregory approached a soldier. They thanked him for his service, but it’s what happened next that made everyone happy and cheer with patriotic pride. He removed two patches from his uniform and gave them to the boys!

Afterwards, they said that he was their hero.


Jadyn, his younger brother Gregory, and his mother were at a Walmart in Lawrenceville on January 26 when the 6-year-old saw a soldier in uniform. Jadyn wanted to thank him for what he does for our country so he walked over and did just that. The soldier, without thinking twice, took two patches off his uniform and handed them to Jadyn and his brother. Can you imagine the looks on the little boys’ faces?!

All three thanked the officer “a thousand times” and were blown away by his kindness and thoughtfulness. The boys’ mother, Destiny, was able to narrow down the infantry by searching his patches online. She says she believes he is part of the 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team. They are based out of Macon, but there are a few other stations throughout the state.

If you have any information on this soldier, pass it on! The family wants to thank him. And we want to thank him too. This is the kind of spirit that creates pride in America and exactly how our soldier operate each and every day. We thank you all for your service and God Bless America!

(Source: Fox 5 Atlanta)